Pollinate Gifts

package design


People for a More Optimistic 2014

Every year Pollinate sends gifts to thank their clients for partnering with them. These were a few of the holiday gift boxes created.

To get everyone's year off to a good start, we sent New Year's themed gifts. The gift box was curated with a handful of thoughtful items to inspire the start to the New Year and bring joy after returning back to the office after the holidays. My role was to concept, design, and package the entire gift.

People for a More Optimistic 2014 gift box helped Pollinate land First Republic as a client, kicking off with a gift packaging project of their own.



Socks Gift Box

It's hard to go wrong with gifting warm and cozy socks during the winter season. So we packaged five colorful pairs of Pendleton socks, fit them into a wood box, and shipped them off to every client. My role in this project was to design the box and work with print vendors to get it produced. 



Client: Pollinate
Role: Concept, Design
Creative Director/Copywriter: Rob Rosenthal
Agency: Pollinate