Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon provides energy saving solutions to both residential and commercial audiences. Their work helps keep energy cost low, protect the environment and generate renewable power throughout Oregon and Southern Washington. Our task was to redesign their website after 10 years, which houses a huge amount of content and resources. My role was to lead the design of the project.

Role: Designer / Creative Director: Bob Vandehey / UX: Craig Schommer / Agency: Pollinate


For launch, on the home page we featured Energy Trust's 10 Year Anniversary video to introduce and reinstate the organization's strong mission to energy sustainability. As a whole, we created a website that keeps their brand standards intact and used it in a way that feels refreshed and modernized.


Energy Trust has so many resources to share with their customers, so we created a site that works to simplify and prioritize all of the information on every single page. Each page was designed with modules, that way elements can be removed if not needed and still work visually as the site grows.



Photoshop / Illustrator / InVision